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With our M.A.P.S. Approach and team of nutrition and exercise experts,
we make a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle possible for you with our M.A.P.S approach and a team of certified coaches!

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5 Pillars of Lifestyle

We are what we eat. Nutrition is the key to metabolic health. A well-balanced meal plan focused on all four dimensions of nutrition helps us maintaining optimal health and fitness

  • Macro and micronutrients
  • Meal timings and frequency
  • Calories balance
  • Our relationship with food

Exercise should never be done as a punishment. Exercise must be enjoyed happily with the purpose of improving

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Skills
  • Ease in activities of daily life (ADL)

Sleep recharges the body and mind. Good quality sleep is the key to recovery and maintaining balance in vital hormones of the body

Just has physical fitness, mental fitness helps us with an increased ability to respond to life in all its richness

Blood reports, medical reports, symptoms and doctor’s advice gives us an insight about what goes inside the body. Our health significantly contributes to our lifestyle

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M.A.P.S. approach

Understanding you

Our exercise and nutrition experts connect with you over a call to understand your current lifestyle, culture, eating pattern, sleep cycle, activity level, medical condition, family medical history and your goal

We analyse

Are experts analyse your previous and current blood reports, doctor prescription, injuries, movement restriction, cravings and create a detailed analysis report for you

We create your personalized plan

After analysing your parameters, we create the following plans for you:

  • Nutrition plan with me timings, quantities, options and recipes
  • Exercise plan for strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility
  • A strategic road map with realistic progress pattern
  • A doctor's note: A note written to your doctor for guidelines on supplementation and nutrition modification

Personalized coaching

Our nutrition and exercise expert connects with you live on video/audio call to explain, help, motivate and guide you scientifically. We also create a personalized WhatsApp group for you

We support you, every step of the way

Improving lifestyle has to be integrated in our day-to-day life. To make this process easy, we provide:

  • Recipe books (homemade and quick recipes)
  • Grocery list
  • Measurement guide
  • Travel and ‘eating out’ guide

We track your progress

Creating a plan is not a full-proof solution. Success requires constant monitoring and tracking. That's what we do for you:

  • Monthly progress reports
  • Daily follow-ups and tracking
  • Level ups
  • Scorecard

Access to the Inner Circle

Our amazingly positive community has members from all age groups, working backgrounds, athletes and people winning over medical conditions. We welcome you to this community and give you lifetime access to participate in challenges, ask doubts and get inspired!

A little bit more

We love to provide immense value to our members, so here is something extra we do for you

  • Daily guided meditations (Live with meditation coach)
  • Weekly Inner Circle Meetings with the founder and other members (Live)
  • Monthly knowledge classes on various topics to empower you
  • Free course on Lifestyle: a video series on topics such as supplements, nutrition and posture
Corporate Solutions

You have the flexibility to choose a program that caters to your needs - ranging from Nutrition Consultations to Personalised Training. Our coaches will plan your personalised diet chart considering your preferences and connect with you for personal training sessions through video conferencing platforms and conduct the training classes. We currently use WhatsApp as a communication channel.

You OMFIT coaches are added to a personalised WhatsApp group where communication is accessible and convenient. You can also contact your coaches during their working hours through a phone call. Our coaches will also pre-inform or ask you before they want to schedule a call with you, the frequency of these calls will be roughly once or twice a week, depending on the member's needs.

In case you feel an issue is not being resolved by your first points of contact, you can drop an email to [email protected] or send us a message at +91 8484808896

We do have a freezing policy for emergency situations, like medical emergencies or death in the family, the maximum extension offered is for 5 days for a one-month program and 15 days for a three-month program. So when you are taking up the program, consider this as a challenge that should be prioritised by you. Agreeing to the same is at the sole discretion of the company management.

Your preferences are accounted for while programming your workouts and planning your diet charts. Your inputs regarding your environment, access to certain services, likes, and dislikes will be considered by the coach in order to make it sustainable for you.

You can start your fitness journey just with your willingness and motivation to get fit, and we have a lot of variations that can enable you to keep progressing without any equipment or gym membership. But we encourage you to keep the idea of investing in a set of equipment or a gym membership in the back of your mind since that equipment will enable you to get even stronger and fitter.

If you decide to renew your program - Kudos! We are glad that you are choosing us as your health and fitness partners, but if you are satisfied with the experience of working with OMFIT, you will be handed a maintenance plan which can allow you to continue your lifestyle transformation in a sustainable way. Your journey after that truly depends on how well you are managing your fitness and nutrition, so for the same reason, we have kept the community accessible for free for a lifetime.

We have hundreds of members who have been associated with OMFIT and live in various parts of the world. The distance has not been a barrier for us to transform the lives of our members. We have coaches with flexible time slots specially dedicated to NRI members.

Absolutely - Paypal will work for international transactions. Just request the details from us and we would be glad to assist you

Absolutely - Paypal will work for international transactions. Just request the details from us and we would be glad to assist you

A community driven by positivity, enthusiasm, and fitness - our members make up the OMFIT Inner Circle. Once you choose to become a member, you are invited to join the OMFIT Inner Circle, a group that has access to weekly meetings, member meet-ups, knowledge sharing classes, fitness challenges, weekly knowledge nuggets, and a supportive community. You can interact with people who are similar-minded, love fitness, and want to improve their lifestyle.

We value your privacy at OMFIT. The data regarding your personal information will be asked in order to aid you in your lifestyle transformation and track progress. We will never share your personal data with any third party without your consent. To know more, please read about our privacy policy.

We at OMFIT have successfully transformed over 6000 lives, these results varied in the magnitude of physical transformations - some members who were unable to walk started walking whereas others who were extremely fit found newer levels of challenges. One thing which we can guarantee is that you will have the complete backing of our coaches, who will step out of their way and help you out with your fitness journey, but your efforts are equally important. So, stay consistent and transparent with your coach, you will definitely notice visible improvements.

Looking forward to transform your own lifestyle?